Snow Days ...

... you know your grown up when you still have to go to work in it ... 

 So, Feb 2 ~
"Olathe received a record 15 inches of snowfall. Due to the nature of the snow event (involving heavy snowfall and drifting snow), this will be a lengthy clean-up effort. However, City crews will continue around the clock operations until streets are plowed...."

& frostbite warnings
... They say more of the nasty weather is on the way. 
so, HAPPY GROUND  HOG DAY anyway ...

      I did get a little time to 'play' and NOT in the snow.... I got the fabric postcards into the mail - finally. 
~ The January Starlight Quilt Guild Meeting - i missed, due to having one of those days where you know your missing something, but you cant remember WHAT? (my sister says they make a pill for that) ... I've really enjoyed the 'small group' meetings too!
... I made a yummy dinner for my family, which is rare - (making dinner) .Meatloaf & smashed taters' ... my son asked, "don't you have somewhere to go?" ... I thought it was because i was reminding him to do his chores and homework! ... 
I heard it was a great meeting ~ 
~ i also, missed the KCMQG meeting, due to work =0(
     ~  I feel so very blessed to have  two such great guilds filled with such creativity and inspiration.  I just wish my joints would cooperate - this nasty, awful weather has me hurting - but, EVEN-THOUGH it's too cold for my husband to go out and do woodworking - HE is down in the basement riffling through my DENIM stash - cutting up jeans i've been saving for years to make raggedy quilts - since everything i make i seem to give away - and i have never made finished a quilt for my husband.  poor fellow. HE even bought his own flannel. He even offered to make ME one ... lol.
- in -

Split 9-patch ... playing
  ? ONE block for Jessica ? (sssh!) ... 
  `scrappy leaders & enders' 
& Fabric postcards 
... which made it into the mail!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it sow ... SOMEWHERE ELSE!  
(more later, will share our 'Nan's girls day' ) 

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Anonymous said...

From Zac:
"I blame global warming. Seriously. Also it was much appreciated, I needed the word to slow down while I played catch up:) "

~ thanks, I agree!