Oh, by the way ... 'my husband lets me have as much junk as i can hide'

~ those ear-rings you just got yourself,
& the other junk....
... Happy Valentines Day! ~ 
We don't traditionally celebrate VD, or other commercialized events ...  We agree that you should be able to tell each other how you feel ANY DAY - the kids are embarrassed when we do just that,  and are under the impression that sometimes we *gasp* fight,
when we simply express our feelings~ 
~ We discuss, sometimes loudly.  Don't tell 'what's his face' - but i really do love him! I appreciate that we can share our points of view, and agree to disagree, having our own opinions is HEALTHY!

 .... Yesterday, after spending some quality time with girlfriends, {&they said he could hang with us, just a bit, cuz they actually like him also} ... He was kind enough to accompany me to places i like ... i told him we'd go were he wanted too ~ but, he couldn't think of anywhere. We got out and enjoyed the somewhat still gloomy, yet warmer weather... We obtained some Greek seasoning ETC; some stuff from at Beadazzler Beads for a wall hanging i STARTED eons ago ~ the purple/green majesty ... and we wandered to Harper's Fabric just before they locked up ... then got some TART, but yummy pastries ... 

~ THEN,  we headed home, and i was ever so slightly ;o) motivated ..  to dig out the old project: DISCHARGE FABRIC DYE ~ Started ... way back in Arizona ... Circa 2001.  ~ the darker 'squares' are dark 'green' ~ what the lighter green were originally ... then the others are a variation, believe it or not, of purple and black ... i thought it was quite ugly and stashed it away - but, the thing is kind of growing on me.  Ideas i toyed with post taking fabric dye and design classes from Adriene Buffington.  I was reminded of the project when i was thinking of what to do with the luscious Kona cotton challenge! (relax, i'm NOT going to bleach them!)
~ So many ideas, so little time! 
~ why is it on Sunday eve i finally get my creative mojo
just when the work week awaits me?
~ Happy Week ...

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