I Spy With My Little Eye....

NICU quilts all laid out
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Quilts!  Last Fall Vicki @ Sew Inspired requested quilt squares to be collected and constructed by the amazing Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild for the local NICU here in the KC area ...

In August i completed 2 blocks for each color combo requested ...
check it out ... it's fun to see them come together, and go live with a family to be loved! 
The color combo's were (check them out! links below!) ~


Oh, by the way ... 'my husband lets me have as much junk as i can hide'

~ those ear-rings you just got yourself,
& the other junk....
... Happy Valentines Day! ~ 
We don't traditionally celebrate VD, or other commercialized events ...  We agree that you should be able to tell each other how you feel ANY DAY - the kids are embarrassed when we do just that,  and are under the impression that sometimes we *gasp* fight,
when we simply express our feelings~ 
~ We discuss, sometimes loudly.  Don't tell 'what's his face' - but i really do love him! I appreciate that we can share our points of view, and agree to disagree, having our own opinions is HEALTHY!

 .... Yesterday, after spending some quality time with girlfriends, {&they said he could hang with us, just a bit, cuz they actually like him also} ... He was kind enough to accompany me to places i like ... i told him we'd go were he wanted too ~ but, he couldn't think of anywhere. We got out and enjoyed the somewhat still gloomy, yet warmer weather... We obtained some Greek seasoning ETC; some stuff from at Beadazzler Beads for a wall hanging i STARTED eons ago ~ the purple/green majesty ... and we wandered to Harper's Fabric just before they locked up ... then got some TART, but yummy pastries ... 

~ THEN,  we headed home, and i was ever so slightly ;o) motivated ..  to dig out the old project: DISCHARGE FABRIC DYE ~ Started ... way back in Arizona ... Circa 2001.  ~ the darker 'squares' are dark 'green' ~ what the lighter green were originally ... then the others are a variation, believe it or not, of purple and black ... i thought it was quite ugly and stashed it away - but, the thing is kind of growing on me.  Ideas i toyed with post taking fabric dye and design classes from Adriene Buffington.  I was reminded of the project when i was thinking of what to do with the luscious Kona cotton challenge! (relax, i'm NOT going to bleach them!)
~ So many ideas, so little time! 
~ why is it on Sunday eve i finally get my creative mojo
just when the work week awaits me?
~ Happy Week ...


KCMQG Kona Solids Challenge!

Confession: I think i do have QUILTERS ADD.  I have more than (3?) projects.  Truth be told ~ i know this is going to come as a shock: I am behind in blogging....
~ I wanted to rush right home the night after we received our
~ thank you!!!
~ happy happy joy joy! ... I fantasized i would post this right away~! and get many pictures of the mad dash of all the greedy little OVERJOYED quilters suddenly inspired by FREEBIES! (what cool craziness!) ... Back in NOVEMBER as an early Christmas gift to US we each got to pick a light/bright/dark  CHARM PACKS ... to PLAY with! ~ DUE BY: MARCH ... that's reasonable  ALMOST HERE~! what the heck?! ~
I've had several ideas competing in my brain
... i think i am just going have to CUT LOOSE .. quite literally 
... just get my rotary cutter and QUIT ADMIRING THE FABRIC! 
 I picked: DARKS ...

 here "it" is, isn't it PRUDY! ...'the dark Charm Pack'

 ... and here is some of what i had,
more solids than i thought ...
i really have some fun ideas,
I just need to get busy ... and get going, ....  
 see ya' later!
Thank you, Kona


Snow Days ...

... you know your grown up when you still have to go to work in it ... 

 So, Feb 2 ~
"Olathe received a record 15 inches of snowfall. Due to the nature of the snow event (involving heavy snowfall and drifting snow), this will be a lengthy clean-up effort. However, City crews will continue around the clock operations until streets are plowed...."

& frostbite warnings
... They say more of the nasty weather is on the way. 
so, HAPPY GROUND  HOG DAY anyway ...

      I did get a little time to 'play' and NOT in the snow.... I got the fabric postcards into the mail - finally. 
~ The January Starlight Quilt Guild Meeting - i missed, due to having one of those days where you know your missing something, but you cant remember WHAT? (my sister says they make a pill for that) ... I've really enjoyed the 'small group' meetings too!
... I made a yummy dinner for my family, which is rare - (making dinner) .Meatloaf & smashed taters' ... my son asked, "don't you have somewhere to go?" ... I thought it was because i was reminding him to do his chores and homework! ... 
I heard it was a great meeting ~ 
~ i also, missed the KCMQG meeting, due to work =0(
     ~  I feel so very blessed to have  two such great guilds filled with such creativity and inspiration.  I just wish my joints would cooperate - this nasty, awful weather has me hurting - but, EVEN-THOUGH it's too cold for my husband to go out and do woodworking - HE is down in the basement riffling through my DENIM stash - cutting up jeans i've been saving for years to make raggedy quilts - since everything i make i seem to give away - and i have never made finished a quilt for my husband.  poor fellow. HE even bought his own flannel. He even offered to make ME one ... lol.
- in -

Split 9-patch ... playing
  ? ONE block for Jessica ? (sssh!) ... 
  `scrappy leaders & enders' 
& Fabric postcards 
... which made it into the mail!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it sow ... SOMEWHERE ELSE!  
(more later, will share our 'Nan's girls day' ) 


Happy February ...

 Today: BLIZZARD CONDITIONS ~ So, This is "Global Warming" ... ? Really???
Upcoming things I will be sharing:
  • Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild: 
  • Starlight Starbright - Small group shares: 
    • Mason's Quilt
    • Kay's Sewing Room ... 
    • Our feild trip to Stuarsville ..
    • Fabric Postcards ...
Other stuff ... Projects  ~ Works In Progress ...
~ THIS Year ONCE a Month My Mom, refered to as Nanny ... and her 'girls' will be meeting at my home to Create ... daughters, Daughters-in-Law, Grand-daughters, GREAT grand-daughters ~  
I am so looking forward to this year!