Happy New Year!

My Family from WiddlyTinks.com

This past Year 2008 ~
  1. Derek is still playing the Bass! ~ & started jr. High ...
  2. Samantha still at St. James ~ a Junior, got a '93 jeep Cherokee ...
  3. Alex continues studying Fine Arts at ESU {p.1 @the kiln} ... and is officially engaged! {2011}
  4. Zac and Mo are in Cleveland ... celebrated 1yr! {engagement video} & {wedding photos}
  5. Peter still commutes to Wyoming to work ...
  6. I survived two surgeries, etc. & continue to work part time ~and hold down the fort ...
We are Grateful we are all healthy, today! We each took time to visit Zac/Mo in Cleveland, where they will remain while Mo continues to work on her Doctorate, in turn we enjoyed Zac's visit over Christmas - we wish Mo could have joined us, but understand she was needed at the Hospital. I continue to have mixed emotions regarding giving up my Suburban and loving my "Black Crystal Pearl" Jeep. We pray our vehicles hold together &get us safely where we need ...

Goals 2009 ~
... Keep on keeping on. Continue to work on the house, school, work ~
... and play?

To use my STASH ~ to Scrapbook & Quilt {disappearing 9-Patch}
To be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. May we all find time to do the things we enjoy with the people who are dear to us ... to all, a Blessed 2009!


Feast Day of St. Nick

Once upon a time,
there was the Pay It Forward "blog candy" ... and the winners were posted,
i waited for their addresses...and as they sent them in, Life happened
... NOW, i felt it only appropriate on the Eve of the feast of St. Nick
... as befitting the season, i would get the gifties in the mail!
(and i am finishing the things i start,
~ before i allow myself to start anything else!)
... SO here is a peak!
Scrapbook Survival Kits, {inspired by Artist Survival Kits}
...the contents vary,
~but the "kits" themselves include enough to start a {wallet album} !

~ i can't wait to see the finished wallets!~enjoy!

I thought i'd share the Inchies i sent off in a swap! Likewise...


Mrs. Bobbins Print @ the Pickledish Store

... stumbled on this print today, and thought it significant, as i just committed to "NO BUY" for a year on my Stashbusters group. Our goal is to finish projects started and pay the fabric penalty if we buy fabrics that do go toward backing, binding etc of already started projects... cool, huh?

Dear Santa,
if your reading this, I was Bad (or someone was) ... and I can't find my camera. Last time i saw it, i was charging it... then, well - i was good and cleaned my house and looked every where, i waz certain it would show up... it has not. HINT. HINT. HINT. =0(