~ Adroable & Adopted!!! ~

... We are downsizing & making difficult choices.  
As many know, this year has been a crazy one. We will be moving the end of the school year - DOWNSIZING.  Flooded with many bittersweet emotions.  Grateful for a second chance - only fair to give our furry girl a chance at yet ANOTHER good home.  She's got lots of love to give.  Great companion - looking for a good    she has found a GREAT home !!! ~ such a sigh of relief to know she is where she needs to be & they love her.  As much as we miss her, and the comfort she brought us - we realized how tough this past year has been on her.  Feel so very blessed to have had her in our life, and to share her with a family who will love her as much as we did!
Lucky girl!!!


Discharged Fabric

more UNFINISHED Business ~ Design Wall Today
 Not from the military, although it kind of looks like Drab Green/Grays ...  It's Discharged.
Meaning - it's been, quite simply, BLEACHED
...  follow this link for a tutorial, on HOW to ALTER Fabric.
I like to get Blacks from different fabric lines, and see what the base color is.  The above photo started out Blacks and Greens
{there is a bit of blue ;0) at the bottom *obvious* }
I think i will piece it - chop it up some more - and applique with wool!
I think the Wool & Embroidery will really pop on here.

iT's UgLy Now ... BUT Just You WaiT!