Create vs work vs sleep

Turn back time ... just a few months... 
I did "finish" the top to the Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller Challenge.
(more on that later) 
as you can see, I did have a little help! ... this is how i like to sort my strips 
- it's my favorite way to work ...

... Work In Progress ... 

                                   ... my little helper
 ... I love her so! 
 She too plays fetch, has spirit & spunk ...

the fabrics ...

...  playing on the design wall!...

I really enjoyed this fabric - it's been one of my favorite Challenges! 
I look forward to quilting the final product ... i do believe this one will be MINE!


August Already!?

I  apparently am technology challenged.  
simply, i must wear out my devices.
When a smart phone became part of my life i thought it would make my life easier, 
but it appears it has become another source of frustration.
My "phone" ... which i declared i would more adequately refer to as: 
~ ate my pictures! 
Besides a couple fresh fur-babies... 
I wanted to share some of my Quilting & Altered Art
... between spending time with my people...
Before the demise of the CAMERA portion of my phone i was able to save these: 
Spring 2014
May: mom, aka: Nanny, got to attend her youngest grandson's graduation ...
to be quite honest, the boy is too smart for his own good,
existing under the impression  "homework" was unnecessary busy work... 
but - its true -we will soon be empty nesters ...

Older brother * baby brother * 'big' sister ...
Where did spring go!?

EASTER WITH THE GRANDS, I wish they were closer!


Hey Lady, What's in your bag?

Favorite Sewing Bag
"I like to the secret kind of things a person keeps inside.... " Edith Anne

You know those times your husband drags you into the hardware store ... and you look at all that junk through new eyes? ... i found this bag, and made it my own.  It goes to all my Quilt retreats & Sew Ins... 

> one can never have enough pens, and doo dads - (sh, some of the favorite things i've lifted from my kids ... the mini kaleidoscope, a magnifying glass that lights up!) ...

One can never have enough needles...

Altoids tins & thimble collections
Pocket Pallet

{fav threads ... the thread in the 'Rx bottle' my son removed the center, pin cushion lid.}

... makes me smile ...

Lent 12/40


Derailed ...

... sorting & organizing will have to wait til 'tomorrow' ...

... well, i'd had great hopes to be faithful about blogging .. the progress of getting organized. 
... but, OF COURSE,  God has had other plans... 

Mom, aka: "Nanny" ... has been in the hospital after a fall, with a broken rib .
.. she was primarily dealing with Bronchitis prior, which she shared with my brother and I.  
After piecing the events together ... we are certain a stroke was involved. 
 The bronchitis alone is brutal.
After nearly a week in the hospital she is now recovering in rehab 
- receiving treatment for her bronchitis and Therapy to get her strong enough to move back home -
This is one tough lady! I'm proud to call her my mom & my friend!

.. One of mom's favorite memories - Learning to use the Ipad with Great-Granddaughter, Meia.  Hearing her tell it is priceless ... "she was very patiently teaching this old woman new stuff .. then she would just laugh! .. "

~ I'll never forget when the grandkids showed her how to download music;  we were sure she was going to go to jail for "stealing" off the internet!
so ...
in addition to  getting over this nasty bronchitis myself, 
my primary goal is to get this lovely lady healthy & back home!

lent 10/40


ScrappyBee Blocks:for Lauren ~ Catch up!

'Miss January' 
Finally got to get Belated Bee Blocks to Lauren.   
String Pieced blocks, inspired by Film In the Fridge "Faceted Diamonds" ... 
I see making more of these blocks in my future. 

Guild Nights - second thursday - favorite Night of the month. 
 Playing catch up - Sadly missed the past few meetings!
Safely delivered all past due blocks! 
Whew, what a great feeling.

Who knew...?

Late 'night' homework with young procrastinator could be so... entertaining! Ah, poetry....
Jonathan Swift ..."I'm reading that one again! ... listen... " And on to Woodsworth & Hardy. Friday is going to be a long day.

Poetry, Just what I wanted to do after a great QUILT guild meeting, which on the drive home ironically listened about "sitting around being INSPIRED is not equivalent to being productive" ... basically.

Trying to treasure this moment.

Lent 8/10