Derailed ...

... sorting & organizing will have to wait til 'tomorrow' ...

... well, i'd had great hopes to be faithful about blogging .. the progress of getting organized. 
... but, OF COURSE,  God has had other plans... 

Mom, aka: "Nanny" ... has been in the hospital after a fall, with a broken rib .
.. she was primarily dealing with Bronchitis prior, which she shared with my brother and I.  
After piecing the events together ... we are certain a stroke was involved. 
 The bronchitis alone is brutal.
After nearly a week in the hospital she is now recovering in rehab 
- receiving treatment for her bronchitis and Therapy to get her strong enough to move back home -
This is one tough lady! I'm proud to call her my mom & my friend!

.. One of mom's favorite memories - Learning to use the Ipad with Great-Granddaughter, Meia.  Hearing her tell it is priceless ... "she was very patiently teaching this old woman new stuff .. then she would just laugh! .. "

~ I'll never forget when the grandkids showed her how to download music;  we were sure she was going to go to jail for "stealing" off the internet!
so ...
in addition to  getting over this nasty bronchitis myself, 
my primary goal is to get this lovely lady healthy & back home!

lent 10/40

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