I'd rather would have been Quilting!

... not exactly how I wanted to spend my Thursday! ...
Heading to work, jamming to a great song... that's right singing at the top of my lungs...
.. when I noticed the check tire gauges were FLASHING (!)
... and an unfamiliar shiny dot appeared...
"Well that's new & dramatic" thought I ...
so I proceeded with caution to the nearest exit ( within a few MILES)...
Phoned work ... "please don't die" I was informed...
Thus started the process of pulling up my big girl panties,
cussing the process of putting air in my tires
(some family member has permanently borrowed my tire gaugeS, eh-hum!)
... then, my car decided to pout & NOT start =( .
.. I truly had to consider if I'd forgotten the process
[apparently I would not have been the first person, 
by the arrogance of the tow truck operator]
... Got my cape out of the back, called roadside assistance....
 and totally handled the situation all the way up to securing my own rental &
getting to work in a less than fashionably late.
{Turns out there was an electrical short...} ?
EXHAUSTED but safe.

LENT 3/40

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