August Already!?

I  apparently am technology challenged.  
simply, i must wear out my devices.
When a smart phone became part of my life i thought it would make my life easier, 
but it appears it has become another source of frustration.
My "phone" ... which i declared i would more adequately refer to as: 
~ ate my pictures! 
Besides a couple fresh fur-babies... 
I wanted to share some of my Quilting & Altered Art
... between spending time with my people...
Before the demise of the CAMERA portion of my phone i was able to save these: 
Spring 2014
May: mom, aka: Nanny, got to attend her youngest grandson's graduation ...
to be quite honest, the boy is too smart for his own good,
existing under the impression  "homework" was unnecessary busy work... 
but - its true -we will soon be empty nesters ...

Older brother * baby brother * 'big' sister ...
Where did spring go!?

EASTER WITH THE GRANDS, I wish they were closer!