Mrs. Bobbins Print @ the Pickledish Store

... stumbled on this print today, and thought it significant, as i just committed to "NO BUY" for a year on my Stashbusters group. Our goal is to finish projects started and pay the fabric penalty if we buy fabrics that do go toward backing, binding etc of already started projects... cool, huh?

Dear Santa,
if your reading this, I was Bad (or someone was) ... and I can't find my camera. Last time i saw it, i was charging it... then, well - i was good and cleaned my house and looked every where, i waz certain it would show up... it has not. HINT. HINT. HINT. =0(

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Anonymous said...

I found it! ... or rather my youngest knocked over my sewing basket and the mysterious missing camera fell out... I have NO idea who put it in there, the funny thing, when i showed it to my husband, who was with me when i BOUGHT IT, has USED it, and we've had it for years... said, that is NOT the camera i brought up off the charger?" well that's strange too... my son was charging his camera ... my H. brought HIS up... so... ? i don't know. It's a mystery. who cares. i found it.