Happy New Year!

My Family from WiddlyTinks.com

This past Year 2008 ~
  1. Derek is still playing the Bass! ~ & started jr. High ...
  2. Samantha still at St. James ~ a Junior, got a '93 jeep Cherokee ...
  3. Alex continues studying Fine Arts at ESU {p.1 @the kiln} ... and is officially engaged! {2011}
  4. Zac and Mo are in Cleveland ... celebrated 1yr! {engagement video} & {wedding photos}
  5. Peter still commutes to Wyoming to work ...
  6. I survived two surgeries, etc. & continue to work part time ~and hold down the fort ...
We are Grateful we are all healthy, today! We each took time to visit Zac/Mo in Cleveland, where they will remain while Mo continues to work on her Doctorate, in turn we enjoyed Zac's visit over Christmas - we wish Mo could have joined us, but understand she was needed at the Hospital. I continue to have mixed emotions regarding giving up my Suburban and loving my "Black Crystal Pearl" Jeep. We pray our vehicles hold together &get us safely where we need ...

Goals 2009 ~
... Keep on keeping on. Continue to work on the house, school, work ~
... and play?

To use my STASH ~ to Scrapbook & Quilt {disappearing 9-Patch}
To be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. May we all find time to do the things we enjoy with the people who are dear to us ... to all, a Blessed 2009!

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