KCMQG Kona Solids Challenge!

Confession: I think i do have QUILTERS ADD.  I have more than (3?) projects.  Truth be told ~ i know this is going to come as a shock: I am behind in blogging....
~ I wanted to rush right home the night after we received our
~ thank you!!!
~ happy happy joy joy! ... I fantasized i would post this right away~! and get many pictures of the mad dash of all the greedy little OVERJOYED quilters suddenly inspired by FREEBIES! (what cool craziness!) ... Back in NOVEMBER as an early Christmas gift to US we each got to pick a light/bright/dark  CHARM PACKS ... to PLAY with! ~ DUE BY: MARCH ... that's reasonable  ALMOST HERE~! what the heck?! ~
I've had several ideas competing in my brain
... i think i am just going have to CUT LOOSE .. quite literally 
... just get my rotary cutter and QUIT ADMIRING THE FABRIC! 
 I picked: DARKS ...

 here "it" is, isn't it PRUDY! ...'the dark Charm Pack'

 ... and here is some of what i had,
more solids than i thought ...
i really have some fun ideas,
I just need to get busy ... and get going, ....  
 see ya' later!
Thank you, Kona

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