Wool Felt Scissor Holder ...

Funny Story...
So, i made ~ this .... 
fun little Wool Felt Embroidered Scissor Holder 
at the Starlight Quilters Guild meeting the other night, 
{ lovely isn't it? =0) }

 well my son's frisky feline, who apparently is my Quilting Supervisor, was IN A MOOD (by what i can only assume was caused by the WIND) ...and HIGH-JACKED my newly crafted scissor holder whilst looking directly at me ... HE leaped of my cutting table (not an easy task with said item hanging from his mouth, it took 3 tries!) ... & proceeded to HIGH TAIL it upstairs, where i directed my son to procure the stolen item.  He found the bugger in the bathroom, after searching the house, and apparently he was disappointed he could not take it for a SWIM - because he was saddened to find a) the toilet was closed *for once* and b) his water dish was empty.
He was PEEVED~!
... the accused CULPRIT was highly upset with us and proceeded to attempt to get into all kinds of mischief ALL NIGHT long, 
into the wee hours of the morning...

Accused: Dexter ~ Crime: Theft ~ Witness: MYSELF!!! 

{OH, the other pictures of the sewing kit... i did NOT make, 
but i WANT TO!!!  
~ thanks Lynne for the INSPIRATION!!!}

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Sanela Kubiak said...

Love the story.... and the little holder you made.