Crock Pot Vegetarian Lasagna & RaNdoM ThoUghTs

...  I would love to say: "i've been busy creating"
~ well, just a tad, but not like i'd hoped.
*Due to some 'technical' difficulties - My laptop had 'brain damage' and is back, hopefully healthy, with SOUND!
* furthermore, Spring is around the corner!
~ The winter BLAHS are fading ...
*Lent: my daughter gave up meat ,really not much of a sacrifice, tonight for dinner *see below* (as my oven is still not working, Crock pot version!) ~ YUM.  (the young 'boy' suggested we take turns cooking, something we used to do regularly!)
... Peter has made more YUMMY bread!
K. off to get stuff done, the day is wasting!
My turn to cook
 . . . and fabric to find!

Crock Pot Vegetarian Lasagna - 173879 - Recipezaar
Lasagna -florentine

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