What's on My Design Wall TODAY: Ugly WIP

This is What i'm working on currently - I'm really not sure if it's quite this ugly in person - or colors that are getting me to work out of my comfort zone.  I've lately been inspired to do some more contempory quilts.  
Sadly, i confess, I prefer taking pictures with my phone, because it is so much easier to upload - or just send them to my email and post.  So, i guess my next investment will be a phone with a better camera!


Teresa's Quilt Stash said...

I think your on the right track. Just relax it will come to ya!

Val Reaves said...

Hi Toni,
Thanks for leaving a comment! Have you been to a meeting of the KC Modern Quilt Guild? Such talent and enthusiasm! Maybe I'll see you at one of the meetings..
Val :-)