Once Upon a Time: Hoffman Challenge, BUTTERFLY Fabric ...

... and some of My First Hand dyed fabrics! ... i LOVE this
... it makes me smile ...
? Why have i Not finished it? Well, because i love it so much it deserves better quilting than i feel confident to do ... ? Because it was so wonderful that it inspired me to do other things; a catalyst to MORE fabric & MORE ideas...?  because  we MOVED!?! ... I started it while we lived on Jacinto, (Mesa, AZ) before Derek was born (GADS! where did fifteen years go?!) THEN, we moved to Navarro (Mesa, AZ) ... it went on a Mom's retreat with me ... It moved to Grand (Mesa, AZ) where i pinned it on the wall for inspiration and a reminder to finish it ... It supervised while i made baby quilts for friends and Project Linus. It overlooked as i STARTED SEVEN wedding quilts (still WIP's).  It has moved to Kansas with me, Lenexa and now Olathe. IT is now  WAS UP in my studio
... It has moved with me five  SIX times!
.... (btw that is FUCHSIA NOT PINK that is surrounding the lovely orange, because we all know, i DON'T do Pink! !) I am in love with the hand dyed muted purple border. Maybe i don't want to finish it until i hand dye more fabric, yeah, that's it! Perhaps it is simply a reminder that I am a PROCESS person, rather than a PROJECT person.  I like to LIVE WITH my projects, rather than crank them out, because lets face it, when i finish things i tend to give them away!
& i'm not done living with this one! 
... it is on the TOP of my handwork basket in my studio ... 

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