... " a chair of your own" ... ?

~ oops, i've done it again ... spent time blog hopping and gaining terrific inspiration
... and it's OK!
 I grant myself permission for some 'me' time - It's a beautiful day for sure.  I have gained inspiration to be more with less: mini lessons and enjoy my space ... (i really am not sure i got to those links, other than, i have a few fav's and each day i log on, with a cup of coffee and start hopping for 15 min or so~ i love where my blog-friends lead me! .... If you have a favorite link that inspires you ~ please share below~! LEAVE A COMMENT... and see what happens!)
"Every woman must have money and a room of her own ... " Virginia Woolf

So, whilst enjoying my 'space' recently and working on the KONA Challenge ... this has been my Work In Progress (WIP) ... i'm taking a moment away from it to start on the Strarlight Mystery quilt, (i will show you my fabric choices when i get them uploaded ... I am i bit behind there!) One step forward, two steps back! ...  Here is the Process of what i have so far ~>

~ so FIRST i thought i would group them by color 
and do a 'split 4-patch' variation ... 

~ then i moved them around and thought it a bit 
... i dunno ...boring? ...
~ now it's kind of taken on a mind of it's own and turned into a traincrash! ... I think i may want to regain some control... ? Playing a bit with the improv style ...So, folks, this is what happens when you are tired of patterns, play with color and too many ideas collide!
~ what do you think?

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