'A Winter's Night'- from Durham Cathedral

I watch the Western sky
The sun is sinking
The geese are flying South
It sets me thinking ...
I did not suffer
What did not kill me
Just made me tougher
I feel the winter come
His icy sinews
Now in the fire light ...
... I look for answers in
The fire's embers
... Another winter comes
His icy fingers creep
Into these bones of mine
These memories never sleep
And all these differences
A cloak I borrow

What is the force that binds the stars?
I wore this mask to hide my scars
What is the power that pulls the tide?
I never could find a place to hide
What moves the Earth around the sun.?... 
The moon's a fingernail and slowly sinking
Another day begins and now I'm thinking
That this indifference was my invention....

                                                          ~ Sting

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Sanela Kubiak said...

How have you been? Hopefuly your new year is NOT as crazy and busy as last.