Christmas: Favorite MEMORIES!

I think one of my favorite Christmas Traditions is the memories the Ornaments hold! I love this one Representing my kiddo's ... we have a few random Christmas photos of the children at Christmas - sadly, the picture we had taken at the Phx* "Zoolights" has faded.... I loved that picture - we were such a cute bunch THEN ... if i do say so myself! =0)
... you'll have to take my word.
~ we remember that night, how happy we were, the Hot chocolate ... the tolerable chilly dessert air ... far from the BITTER Kansas Cold.  We were all together.
 We all love this one ... it reminds us of when we went to Disney Land for our Christmas Present ... Samantha was just a baby, 6 months old, and we ALL heard her say "My Baby" ... as we passed her around on a ride. (A game we'd play, all grabbing a limb and pretending to fight over her!)  The people with us heard it too and thought she was a genius, in her Pink fuzzy headband, and her Baby Gap outfit with circles and a turtle neck.  such a cutie.
That's the first time Alex saw horses and exclaimed, "I didn't know they still made these" as he gingerly stroked it.... and Zac begging to leave because for once we wore him out, and we were determined to stay until they closed (He saw the Ducktales Parade so his day was complete.)

Blessings to you and yours this Holiday Season! 

* Phx Zoolights: to memorialize AZ camping, nearly EVERY OTHER WEEK! 

A gift to Samantha (memory: Franki)
Christmas in KS: funky! fun day in Lawrence.

to my "Angel Babies"

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