Sunday Snapshot

~from September, 2007
actually, OUR 25th Anniversary, we went bike riding!
stopped on the trail to talk to zac(on the phone/phone photo!) ~who was congratulating us for putting up with each other for so long ...

It's so great to find that one special person
you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
~Rita Rudner


BEING A MOM ... is my favorite


Spring break was just not long enough!
Lent was bearable - after the fridge/freezer was repaired and basic food REPLACED... we decided giving up TALKING about, thus doing anything, about th house for our sacrifice.
We are refreshed and ready to think about our HOME...
EASTER: did not feel the same ... no dying of easter eggs.....
~ we are pretty much down to the "last two" kids =(
We took a overnight train trip ... then back
... and onward to ESU for Easter Services {congrats! Shawna}
~ then bounced back.
Yup, i feel like a red rubber ball...
one that's been bounced around in the school yard,
shoved in a pocket and worn,
loved and sure there is some bounce left ...
but, let me sit on the window sill for a bit.

Spring is around the corner! =)



Once upon a time there was a little boy who loved his favorite clothes. When he quit growing out of his favorite clothes this made him happy, when his clothes started to wear out this made him sad, ALAS! he would continue to patch them - even adding NEW POCKETS!

This little boy, now grown, also loves to go barefoot - and when he "dresses up" he puts on FLIP FLOPS!

Part of a favorite poem:
Blessings on thee, little man,
Barefoot boy, with cheek of tan!
With thy turned-up pantaloons,
And thy merry whistled tunes;
...With the sunshine on thy face,
Through thy torn brim's jaunty grace;
From my heart I give thee joy, -
I was once a barefoot boy!
Prince thou art, - the grown-up man
... In the reach of ear and eye, -
Outward sunshine, inward joy:
Blessings on thee, barefoot boy!...

by ...Whittier, John Greenleaf
One of the best-loved American poets of the 19th century,


Random Photo: by Peter

SO... who else is sick of this stinkin' GLOBAL WARMING?

~ get real. So, peter commutes from here to Wyoming ... and shoots random photos. When Derek was asked what his dad did fore a living i overheard his response, he paused, and commented "HE'S A PHOTOGRAPHER" ...! Well, Peter was touched. Cuz, during his down time he plays with his camera. And i would like to say he has always seemed a little... competitive? with me (and I thought he was being supportive ...OH HE IS, but now i know why...) I don't Photograph so much, so well (i forget) ... AND He is starting to hoan his drawing skills. very cool.When i was working on a quilt challenge, he kept adding his 2cents, so i told him to get his own fabric and make his own quilt... and in competing with me, he is trying hard NOT to finish his either? ... ha ha.

My dear heart is coming out of being a CLOSET ARTIST ... and we now argue, motive and STYLE! ... SO, since i don't think he will blog, himself, yet, i would love to share his stuff too! ...
like in Phenomenon, I am going to "buy his chairs" ... cuz he has bought mine all these years!



OH my word~ where does the time go?
i vowed i would "make art every day" and i have been Experiencing art? kinda... i have been playing around with downloading photos and using my camera-phone (quality?) ... and i keep forgetting to take photos of stuff i finish~ so, i took my quilt to a meeting at the quilt shop, and forgot my REAL camera, where the lighting is wonderful. but ...
  1. i have been doodling in an upturned altered book in progress nearly every day for a little over a month... its a start =0)
  2. i have been working on PROJECT LINUS with my daughter and her classmates ... i did go on a field trip (artist date!) with my son's class to the Nelson-Atkins Museum
  3. i have been trying to get back into the work routine part-time; really this time...
  4. i would like to say my prayer life has improved ...
  5. i would like to say my home is clean - oh yeah, i caught up on all the laundry from having holiday company... WOW!
  6. i have been trying to get ahold of our finances....
  7. i will be ... enrolling my baby in jr. high=\
  8. i will be working on my oldest sons wedding pages - oh (HI, i will burning you a disc of wedding photos ... and i want to make you a cool holder - that will take me a full day, both)
  9. i will be mailing his quilt - (hi, i hope you took your cat to the vet, cuz he will not soil it)!
  10. i will be ... oh, participating in the FRACTURED FABRIC CHALLENGE...
~that's sufficient for now.
i did not die, i did not give up on my blog .... I AM SEEKING BALANCE.