BEING A MOM ... is my favorite


Spring break was just not long enough!
Lent was bearable - after the fridge/freezer was repaired and basic food REPLACED... we decided giving up TALKING about, thus doing anything, about th house for our sacrifice.
We are refreshed and ready to think about our HOME...
EASTER: did not feel the same ... no dying of easter eggs.....
~ we are pretty much down to the "last two" kids =(
We took a overnight train trip ... then back
... and onward to ESU for Easter Services {congrats! Shawna}
~ then bounced back.
Yup, i feel like a red rubber ball...
one that's been bounced around in the school yard,
shoved in a pocket and worn,
loved and sure there is some bounce left ...
but, let me sit on the window sill for a bit.

Spring is around the corner! =)


Anonymous said...

Love this picture.


ScrappyStuff said...

thanks, me too!
...thats ONE =0)