Random Photo: by Peter

SO... who else is sick of this stinkin' GLOBAL WARMING?

~ get real. So, peter commutes from here to Wyoming ... and shoots random photos. When Derek was asked what his dad did fore a living i overheard his response, he paused, and commented "HE'S A PHOTOGRAPHER" ...! Well, Peter was touched. Cuz, during his down time he plays with his camera. And i would like to say he has always seemed a little... competitive? with me (and I thought he was being supportive ...OH HE IS, but now i know why...) I don't Photograph so much, so well (i forget) ... AND He is starting to hoan his drawing skills. very cool.When i was working on a quilt challenge, he kept adding his 2cents, so i told him to get his own fabric and make his own quilt... and in competing with me, he is trying hard NOT to finish his either? ... ha ha.

My dear heart is coming out of being a CLOSET ARTIST ... and we now argue, motive and STYLE! ... SO, since i don't think he will blog, himself, yet, i would love to share his stuff too! ...
like in Phenomenon, I am going to "buy his chairs" ... cuz he has bought mine all these years!

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