The NEXT Chapter of Our Life

Uncle Alex Reads to Ted, Hospital Waiting Room May 9, 2011
  1. The Early years
  2. Boy meets girl ... Toni & Peter est. 1982
  3. Parenthood ... Introducing: Zac, Alex, Samantha, Derek
  4. Arizona, a place to call HOME =0)
  5. Homeschooling FOUR children
  6. Back to Kansas ... starting the College years & "Real" School
  7. Children: college & marriage .....  Sunrise, Sunset   .....{remember: Fiddler on the Roof}
  8. ... Becoming Grandparents!... Introducing: Ted
  9. OMG  ~  Peter's Open Heart Surgery, 5/9/11
May 2012 marks ONE YEAR after Peter's Open Heart Surgery ... who woulda' thunk it? ...   We will survive.  Something like that helps put things in perspective. With a "NOT Quite Empty Nest" ... while finding balance &  truly making adjustments...  Part of the "next chapter"  the Downsizing Begins... We have really tried to focus on what's important.  I don't know how we've done it, but we have always managed. 
... There are things I'm going to miss (My yard & My dog) but I have never loved this house,  & NOW it is TOO much for me.  It has served it's purpose. But it's never felt like HOME, so moving on will be easy (I PRAY) ... NOW for Prioritizing - What's Really IMPORTANT? ~ Two more years of High School for the youngest remaining in the "nest" ~ OUR Health ... and most of all: appreciating the people i love, as well as  making time for more CREATIVITY.  Last weekend was a great get away, left very inspired - but TIME went too fast ... Maybe i didn't get very much accomplished, but i spent it with some of the best people.  I would like to say i made something super amazing ... My Wassily Knadinsky Inspiration Fabrics (mostly hand dyed by me, and some shott cottons) went along to play, but ... I DID work on My Bee Blocks, Converging Corners... (i'm yet to take a picture *TBA) ...
WK Challenge fabrics that went on the retreat, but ...
“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back 
and realize they were the big things.”

Ever see the movie "Parenthood" ? ... with Steve Martin' and the comparison to life being like a Roller-coaster Ride ... that has been my husbands mantra since he's seen that movie.  Going on 30 years of marriage, just saying it's been one big roller coaster ride.  I wouldn't mind so much spending the next couple years on the "Merry-Go-Round" ... time to get off the ROLLER COASTER, I want to enjoy  the whole amusement park ...
I love to look back at the video Zac made of Derek's tenth birthday at Worlds of FUN - certainly a GREAT DAY ~  Looking forward to more time with the kids

"... I don't remember growing older, when did they?"
... SLOW down already!

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