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~ a look back - last summer.  just some of the folks i love most ~

I confess,
On Sat/Sun - i like to spend a portion of my weekend on my laptop, catching up - reading - REAL stuff, having snippets of conversations with friends and family via Facebook and texts, usually all at the same time, while BLOG HOPPING ... and dreaming about what i'm going to do when i am off the computer, when i am done catching up with the people i love - FOR The people i love - the things i want to make, because i love them so - before they grow any older, hopefully i can finish some of the things i WANT to make, while we ALL still share the planet.  

It's all a matter of balance.  It reminds me of when I nearly plowed into a little old  lady while we were ?shopping? i think.  My mind was full, truth is i really don't remember where i was, or what i was doing, just trying to multi-task with alot on my mind, which is the norm.... as i frantically over-appologized for nearly flattening her, she said "oh sweety, don't worry about it ~ we's all in this mess together" ... funny thing, in that brief moment it is as if our souls collided, and she saw into mine - our eyes met ... funny, as much as i don't remember - i still can see her face!
"We's all in this mess together!"
MY SHARES: Yesterday i had a great morning, despite the drizzle - which i actually loved for a WINTER DAY, i am NOT complaining by any means.... I joined my brother, sister-in-law, and friends for "first Friday weekend" ... for some Urban Mining and then off to Good Ju Ju and surrounding shops ... (i will try to post photo's later of my Linen finds, etc!) ...

Today, i am starting my day off perusing Blog world, and want to share some of my blog stops: 
KCMQG took me to a cuppa & a catch up ... and so on and so forth ... now, to work in my studio ... inspired to do some stashbusting ... 
~ join me on our own SUP`ER  BOWL SEW-IN! ~

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Luke said...

Time well spent.