Note: Choose Batting Wisely

I was going through some past uploaded photos.  (wish i had a new camera) This is my daughters quilt.  We made it together - with our 4-H group in Arizona, great group (hello C.H.E.V.Y. kids!) ... gosh, that was about 10 years ago...  We each swapped fabric (cut in 5" squares and they were sewn together with individual accent and sashing.  I have a group photo - somewhere, I should scan it it  (thank's to the old man for the NEW scanner, TONS of photos to scan!) ...ANY way
.... About a year ago i took them both apart. In our rush to finish them, probably because i more than likely had a coupon, a Toddler and in a hurry, we used this crummy batting ... and then mostly tied the quilts, (i quilted mine in the sashing - a real bear to remove) ...
This is what becomes of crummy batting when you love  your quilt and use it, as intended, and wash it ... who knew.  Pretty uncomfortable when you want to cuddle with it. especially when your not feeling well (like now, which is why i probably am missing it)  If I never slept,&  lived a perfect life, i would have repaired them - IT would have made a great Christmas gift for the girl. I don't even have my Christmas Tree up... i just can't get in the mood...
at least someone appreciates bad batting!
 But, truth be told it's not a perfect world - this year has been what this batting looks like, crappy.  SO, in the future - we hope to make better choices.  We have learned our lesson about batting ...
Life doesn't come with instructions ... but, there are great quilting instructions, and i am happy to learn from both!

Today I love the..
Smell of: Vanilla Candles
Sound of: Trains in the distance
Taste of: Cinnamon & Orange Spice Tea
Sight of: Video of my Grandson
Feel of: Freshly made bed

Good Things about Today:
- Great day to sleep, jipped work
- Peter made Stromboni for dinner
- That i am starting to feel better, finally
- That my family is safe.

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craftytammie said...

i am glad you're feeling better! what batting do you recommend? i've been using warm & natural but i bought some bamboo stuff to try on a baby quilt...