WIP Wednesday: Habitat Countdown!

Just wondering ... Will i get done?
... Will i get the back pieced? 
... will i get it layered?
Will it get Quilted in one week?
... will there be binding on it by the KCMQG November meeting?
The weather is cold and chilli - and i MISS my studio,
but i come home from work exhausted,
... i go in to change out of my work clothes
my bed is so warm and inviting. My kitty needs to cuddle.
I need rest, so i will go to bed early and DREAM about finishing it.
... i have ideas for making the back fun
... but for now i will finish the top (nearly done!)
... just the finishing the final vertical seams! ...
Habitat Design Wall - Sneak Peek!
... see how well the fabrics play with the Linen? ...
Even though my daughter came home from a visit from Kstate,
and exclaimed:
"omg mommy, that is the ugliest thing i have ever seen on your design wall!"
~ it's kind of grown on me
... KINDA!

I'm getting excited to see what the other's have come up with,
it's so fun to see the diversity we can come up with the same fabrics!
~ i'm looking fw to show-n-tell ... 
See ya' next week! 

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Mary Anne said...

You can do it Toni!!!