ButterFlieS aRe FreE ~ or~ aka: ButterFly Garden!

Bulls Eye 
~ Just a little something For my KC Scrappy Bee Buddies
to Create & Play with My [round I] Wonky Butterflies ...
... BULLS EYE Tutorial to follow! 

NOTE: {Basically - 10" squares - with 8", 6" and 4" Centers}
Vintage by {h}art - has a fairly easy Tutorial,
yes Like "LOLLY'S"  with RAW EDGES  or Nikki's Circles =0)
Bee Buds, Have fun with these! PLEASE
~ Not to worry about STRAIGHT LINES ...
~ Freehand cutting  & 'eyeball' your circles! 
... basically keeping the CENTERS BRIGHT  
... but using the BLACK background fabric provided, 
Please add whatever scraps you  may have 
that will add an energetic variety 
-(if you need more fabric let me know!) ~ thank you! 

>>feel free to  Google Bulls-eye Quilt
     ~ there are some fun examples out there! .... 

Roolz ~ basically: NO PINK ALLOWED ~ Round II
{Bee -Mates: I have given you 3 different backgrounds, 
& 2 basic BRIGHTS.
*don't worry about cutting them into 4ths when you are done, 
i will do that when i get them back} ... 
Please make at least 2 ... up to four would be nice, 
if you have 10" square you would like to add for variety =0)
... I will be adding leaves & turning them into 'flowers' ~ 
... to make my Butter Fly Garden! 

More to follow ... 
 [I have been experiencing some Technical Difficulties]

Purdy Pleeze with a cherry on top ... with a few of the scraps, or what not's ... would you please sign your name on a piece of whatever... and i'm going to make a crazy patch with all our names on it for the back ...Label!  ...PLZ also include your BLOG/Flickr Name/info.  
cuz that would be fun! ...

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