.... a year passes so quickly!!!

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Graduation DAY ... Alex #2 Son,  ... Teddy really, REALLY wanted to grab Shawna's Tassel ... the robes were so shiny!!! he tried to EAT the graduates! it was great!
(7 months old here) .... 

 Samantha Graduated that evening!
.... What a BUSY busy day! ...
*(pictured below w/ K state Roomie, Katie)

What a crazy whirlwind year
... Derek has been playing the Bass going on 5 yr
.... and has moved on to HIGH SCHOOL
... our baby!

The Newlyweds: Alex and Shawna ...
Teddy's 1st birthday a week later! 

Seriously ready for some ME time!  

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Nikki said...

So many happy pictures! Glad you had a day to yourself today! I'm going to call it quits on my day. Very tired, even though my 3 year old is still loudly playing in his room... *sigh*