Happy "Let's Blow things UP Day" !

I know, I'm "Ms. Sunshine" ... and the sky is a forbidding blue, in places. I'm Not a fan of Humidity and Explosions. Much rather pretty fireworks on a pleasant eve. I believe I prefer my beloved AC with a righteous THUNDERSTORM. ... I predict i will choose to be a party pooper tonight.
Happy 4th ANYWAY... !

... in the meantime, i am planning to scrapbook and quilt, amidst being "on call" at work, and will head in around 4 ... then? i fantasize about heading home to hermit up and do the things that bring me joy. Unfortunatley, unless the Sky opens, my family will probably draw me into a crowd be be bug fodder amidst the thick air and long lines, hikes to a rank Porta-Potty. I'll be wishing i were in the AC sewing or scrapbooking... until then, if i'm dragged off, i will take a good read:

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