Photo Challenge ...

... with a twist ~
This photo was taken with my phone.
... while Derek was reading POETRY to Dexter , the CAT! (ok, to me too!)
... Shel Silverstein {Light in the Attic} , snow outside, a fire in the fireplace. Not a completely awful moment in time, despite we don't prefer the FREEZING temps! {i love my comfy socks!}
~ There was another photo (not number six, &a bit more blurry, where Dexter was on the back of the sofa, looking over Derek's shoulder, listening intently & looking at the pictures! He moved away slightly when Derek laughed too loud for his comfort, thus moving to the arm of the sofa!) Meanwhile, I decided to play with my camera phone and the settings (he thought i was texting!). While this is about the 6th? photo on my phone ... not exactly in the photo folder in my computer ... (yet, cuz i'm downloading them, truthfully my picts are winding up all over my computer, its the photo sprite).
... i thought this one is fun. I'm trying to make more time to take daily photo's! Derek is a super kid! I've decided, as i am not a very good steward in the whereabouts of my camera, but keep my phone handy, my next phone will have a more decent camera, which may be awhile!)... I still like this, Caddy-whompus and all!

~ the challenge:
1. Go to your photo folder in your computer.
2. Go to the 6th folder of the photos.
3. Go to the sixth picture.
4. Put the picture on your blog and description of it.
5. Invite six friends to join the challenge. **
6. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged! **
**{invite yourself! ... and leave a comment here} ~ another twist!


Rachele Funk said...

great photo! Love how you twisted the challenge too! I do like pink and I do remember Vegas baby! I talked to E today and she's doing pretty well. Glad she's finally on the mend.

Have a great day adn theanks for the inspiration to keep on going!!!

my4kidsma said...

I love the picture & I love my camera phone.

I'm so in on this challenge.