~ ... did i mention?

... or i should say, my son did {which he was looking for his remote to the video games, that he was/is grounded from until ALL his homework is turned in & grades are groovy).
... It was one of my many sewing baskets. I really don't know how it got here. My husband, who thought he brought IT upstairs, and NEVER MIND he was with me when i bought it, used it etc... said - "OH that is NOT THE camera i found on the charger and brought up ...?" Well, the last time i saw it was on the charger ... i do know, i let other people charge their camera's on MY dock (aren't i nice?) ... but, it seems perhaps my son's camera was charging ... so, somewhere, someone, sometime ... oh heck, it's a mystery. Perhaps put there for "safe keeping"? ... But, now it is FOUND
to do:
  • finish the things i wanted to start last week ...
  • enjoy the SUN ... (albeit is still cold, and the sun is fickle) ...
  • take some new pictures ... upload the old, and manage the pictures i found on my PHONE (hey some of them turned out pretty fun!)
  • manage my pictures on my Main Computer (mother board died and husband is trying to fix and find the pictures, esp the WEDDING picts, which the mother B. was dying, thus too slow to cooperate when i wanted to burn a disc, which reminds me ... }
~ later