~ Caro { Carofaniello } & Fry {est. 1982}

{Adrian family home: Hillsboro Kansas}

~ Caro/Fry Family origin est. 1982 ~

 (under construction/revisions)

 ~ Carofaniello  ~ 
Caro aka: Carofaniello of Monte Calvo, Italy 
and family Immigrated to USA 1927
{Taggert: German/French decent}
= Caro: Peter Caro (4/25/58)
Fry- Caro: Toni (11/14/62)

~ Geneology:Nickel - Adrian - Unruh - Pauls - Janzen ~

  Sam: Nickel/Unruh, + Adrian,Pauls,Janzen
~Mennonite Movement to KS 1874
Minnie Adrian & Sam Nickel:
{"Nanny" ~ Grandpa Sam: Nickel/Unruh, + Adrian,Pauls,Janzen}

Fry: Grand-Daddy "Alec" Fry - Essex, England 
(Immigrated to Canada 1914 then to the USA 1916
Blue Ridge Rail Road
Granny: Grandma "Bonnie" Butler/(Mock) - English/German/Irish/Scottish decent

Adrian/Nickel Family Reunion Group:

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Frank Caro said...

Hi Peter, I am your cousin Frank Caro, Jr. an attorney in Overland Park, Kansas. My daughter Ali, found your website and your reference to our grandparents, Marianna and Pompilio. You can e-mail me at fcaro@polsinelli.com. I ran into your sisters and brothers at Karen Caputo's funeral last summer in Wichita and they said you were living up here in the KC region.