so, i have very much to be GRATEFUL FOR ~
... but, i realized, my camera is not where i thought it was ... and, we've been not just putting in hardwood floors, because as i learned IF YOU GIVE A MAN A PROJECT... he will decide he needs to turn it into a process. If you put in new flooring the ceiling wont look right, if you dont want your wife to loose her mind, you replace the ceiling first, before you put down the new floors! ... and the list goes on. We also learned, much to our surprise, that WE're OLDer.
(photo shamelessly borrowed from artist Photographer Jill Greenberg,)
~ peace.

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ScrappyStuff said...

Dear God,
i still have not found my Camera =(
... my phone landed in my last sip of coffee and it was enough to make it not work right =( and my laptop is away for diagnosis =( ...
... Technology? its a Love/HATE relationship! ... ARGH!