Welcome Home Franki...

Well, aka: "CRAZY" decided to taker herself on a walk, "early" in the "late night" the other ...day? ... and made a grandpa friend, got to eat everything she is allergic to -- including sharing EGGS for breakfast... and, going without 3 treatments - because she has EPILEPSY and is on massive doses of meds... she has come home after her "sleepover" happy and well, Maybe we ought to let her SNEAK out more often -- thats what we get for needing the hose in the dark, just before midnight ... STINKER! ...
we love her, but she wears us out ... btw: she is the GOlden RetrieVer>
.. and thats the short version!


Veggie Tales; I Love My Lips ~ let me explain....

~ so, i was slightly "MIA" earlier this week, due to a SEVERE allergic reaction, which put me in the hospital, on IV's and medications.... one of those things that happens to other people, you hear about ... and it was so SURREAL!
I am glad to be alive, and continuing to try to be HEALTHY! ... with LIPS and extremities getting back to "normal"
~ take care!~



Toni needs:
Ø To be moved from the zoo; careful, daily monitoring = (hey! I resemble that statement! … I DO live in a zoo!)
Ø “To be or not to be”? = (a break).
Ø Surgery and a new club. = (curious! I need surgery! & SCRAPBOOK CLUB?)
Ø To do a live concert = (That’s funny! I want to GO to the Elton John Concert)
Ø To google in the midst of the season =??
Ø To come back to her girlfriends = (yup! More friends time)
Ø A predictable routine in a safe and comfortable environment in a loving home!
Ø a boss = (whatever, the supervision thing?)
Ø Careful daily monitoring = (of my projects & contractors?)
Ø Classroom practices in grade school = (weird! I think about that…)
Ø Advice = (whatever)
Ø Garage storage = (YES!)
Ø Creative management … (sure)
Ø Real estate (oh, fun, good luck with that one!)
Ø A new factory to make products; to get ahead of the game (on the Real Estate?)
Ø At least 30 days advance notice to get everything in its place, and set her schedule
” $1000 is due at this point! “= (really, interesting)…
~ YOUR TURN….Okay, so! Go to "Google" and search for "your first name” + “needs" (i.e. I typed in "Toni needs"). This is what "Google" says I need - (followed by my comments in parenthesis): that's how you play "Your name needs.”


so, SUMMER is almost over, that makes me SAD!
yesterday I enrolled my youngest in the SIXTH GRADE, man do i feel old...
my oldest is getting married in November ...again, i feel OLD...

I love summers with my family, watermelon and playing games at my moms @ the lake - maybe we can do MORE of that next summer, lordy, it was like SURVIVAL mode this summer.......

so, re: the BLOG CANDY =P ~~~ keep the comments coming - I am going to check my mailbox to see if my new Close To My Heart 2007 FALL catalog is there! ... reserve your's NOW! ....

Ok. i am off to organize my workspace ...if your good, i'll let you see it! ;-]

(Summer Layout: GAMES)