Toni needs:
Ø To be moved from the zoo; careful, daily monitoring = (hey! I resemble that statement! … I DO live in a zoo!)
Ø “To be or not to be”? = (a break).
Ø Surgery and a new club. = (curious! I need surgery! & SCRAPBOOK CLUB?)
Ø To do a live concert = (That’s funny! I want to GO to the Elton John Concert)
Ø To google in the midst of the season =??
Ø To come back to her girlfriends = (yup! More friends time)
Ø A predictable routine in a safe and comfortable environment in a loving home!
Ø a boss = (whatever, the supervision thing?)
Ø Careful daily monitoring = (of my projects & contractors?)
Ø Classroom practices in grade school = (weird! I think about that…)
Ø Advice = (whatever)
Ø Garage storage = (YES!)
Ø Creative management … (sure)
Ø Real estate (oh, fun, good luck with that one!)
Ø A new factory to make products; to get ahead of the game (on the Real Estate?)
Ø At least 30 days advance notice to get everything in its place, and set her schedule
” $1000 is due at this point! “= (really, interesting)…
~ YOUR TURN….Okay, so! Go to "Google" and search for "your first name” + “needs" (i.e. I typed in "Toni needs"). This is what "Google" says I need - (followed by my comments in parenthesis): that's how you play "Your name needs.”

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