Once Upon a Time: Maggies Place, AZ ~

well, i was looking for picts to scrapbook and ran across something i had actually finished once!
The Wall hanging ~ "Pathways" ... inspired by Color Magic For Quilters ... went into the "room" we "adopted" ... for the Expectant Mother's shelter... At Maggie's Place...
Our 4H group: CHEVY, found some amazing bedding which then inspired me to go through my stash ... and in hoping to use it up, i managed to make a dent, creating this "jacob's ladder" style pattern... that was back in 2000, and Maggie's opened on Mothers Day ... My youngest walked into "our room" on opening day surprised to find an expectant mother already napping in "our room"! ~

What is Maggie's Place? “Maggie’s Place is a house of hospitality for expectant women who wish to achieve their goals in a dignified and welcoming atmosphere. Following Catholic social teaching, we recognize that we are responsible to and for one another. We challenge one another to strive toward personal growth, to welcome the gifts of every person that enters our door, and to promote positive social change. In this way, we celebrate and provide for the next generation.” ... and NOW, proudly there are FOUR other homes!....

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