Book of ME: Close to my Heart products, by toni

~ Good bye Melissa, 3/08
be TOUGH! *Link~Craig Morgan* 
 Fighting Ovarian Cancer!

the "BOOK OF ME" a gift for  MELISSA
from ME, not about ME


Anonymous said...

I learned today that things are not looking good for Melissa, Keep her and her boys in your prayers.

ScrappyStuff said...

June 28/29, 2008 we said our final Good-byes to Melissa Kay Johnson. Her two boys Cody and Scotty carry on her legacy. May they be strong and make their momma proud... their Grandparents share their comfort and journey to celebrate life.

ScrappyStuff said...

Reflection: when i presented this to Melissa it took her a few minutes to sink in, 1st reaction, was "this is really cool" ...then "oh, that looks like me *realization* that IS ME!" this is SO cool ... " Her mom had snuck the pictures to me at my request. I hope that she made the time to fill some of it out - she was in denial so much of the time. She was going to "BEAT THIS"... to the very end.