Wool Felt Scissor Holder ...

Funny Story...
So, i made ~ this .... 
fun little Wool Felt Embroidered Scissor Holder 
at the Starlight Quilters Guild meeting the other night, 
{ lovely isn't it? =0) }

 well my son's frisky feline, who apparently is my Quilting Supervisor, was IN A MOOD (by what i can only assume was caused by the WIND) ...and HIGH-JACKED my newly crafted scissor holder whilst looking directly at me ... HE leaped of my cutting table (not an easy task with said item hanging from his mouth, it took 3 tries!) ... & proceeded to HIGH TAIL it upstairs, where i directed my son to procure the stolen item.  He found the bugger in the bathroom, after searching the house, and apparently he was disappointed he could not take it for a SWIM - because he was saddened to find a) the toilet was closed *for once* and b) his water dish was empty.
He was PEEVED~!
... the accused CULPRIT was highly upset with us and proceeded to attempt to get into all kinds of mischief ALL NIGHT long, 
into the wee hours of the morning...

Accused: Dexter ~ Crime: Theft ~ Witness: MYSELF!!! 

{OH, the other pictures of the sewing kit... i did NOT make, 
but i WANT TO!!!  
~ thanks Lynne for the INSPIRATION!!!}


Ginny won this!!!

Back before Christmas Ginny won this amazing quilt (detail)  
~ i'm finally getting around to sharing it.
I will update when i remember where she won it! 
But, for now, i wanted to share this much!


What's on My Design Wall TODAY: Ugly WIP

This is What i'm working on currently - I'm really not sure if it's quite this ugly in person - or colors that are getting me to work out of my comfort zone.  I've lately been inspired to do some more contempory quilts.  
Sadly, i confess, I prefer taking pictures with my phone, because it is so much easier to upload - or just send them to my email and post.  So, i guess my next investment will be a phone with a better camera!


Patches ....

My son's pants ... and YES i do go into public with him like this, and NO i'm not the least bit embarrassed!  Today we went to the quilt store - i forgot to get a pict of his Hinney - He used a beautiful Teal Batik!  He was overheard telling his Roommie - "...Well, she may START a quilt in your Honor, but finishing it...?"


more blog hopping!

Good Bye to Winter!

The snow is finally all gone, the sun has finally shone several days 
... for awhile! 
March in like a Lion? out like a Lamb? 
Coming soon: inspired to make something funky.


i WanT to dO ThiS ... !

 .Plume Challenge, just for FUN! 
.. and i WANT this TULA PINK:  Plume fabric! 
... and to DO This: Crazy Nine Patch!

.... playing with this fabric will be FUN ...
.. but for now, i'm off to work... =0( 
... and DREAM of fabric...


Crock Pot Vegetarian Lasagna & RaNdoM ThoUghTs

...  I would love to say: "i've been busy creating"
~ well, just a tad, but not like i'd hoped.
*Due to some 'technical' difficulties - My laptop had 'brain damage' and is back, hopefully healthy, with SOUND!
* furthermore, Spring is around the corner!
~ The winter BLAHS are fading ...
*Lent: my daughter gave up meat ,really not much of a sacrifice, tonight for dinner *see below* (as my oven is still not working, Crock pot version!) ~ YUM.  (the young 'boy' suggested we take turns cooking, something we used to do regularly!)
... Peter has made more YUMMY bread!
K. off to get stuff done, the day is wasting!
My turn to cook
 . . . and fabric to find!

Crock Pot Vegetarian Lasagna - 173879 - Recipezaar
Lasagna -florentine